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Nerospec OSCON Meets Nerospec SK

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The Nerospec SK core team has spent the last week simplifying, team building, and having a good time with the South African Nerospec OSCON, technology, and production facility in Joburg. Aside from Sales & Marketing planning and Product Roadmap excellence, the team’s collaboration with the hardware and software development teams and the supply chain team has been exceptional.

In many ways, the Joburg team’s talents are exceptional and outstanding. The hardware design team uses cutting-edge 3D CAD techniques to produce tough housings designed for underground mining settings and the Nerospec wireless radio frequencies. Furthermore, in the midst of a global chip supply crisis, the world-class 3D design team working on brand-new printed circuit boards (PCBs) demonstrates the viability of Nerospec solutions. This ensures that we continue to be a reliable supplier to consumers, as chip restrictions are avoided by upgrading chipsets to the most recent and available goods, thereby introducing the most cutting-edge technology.

We have worked through the new product pipeline and software advancements, not only on the firmware of controllers and loggers, such as the neroHUB and nanoHUB but also on the software side, where the upcoming release of Short Interval Monitoring And Control has a lot to offer (SIMAC). Seeing the local component stock and manufacturing capabilities with four automated pick-and-place production lines has also confirmed confidence in Nerospec’s ability to deliver products to the upcoming global uptake on Underground Communication and Data Logging Systems, Vehicle Intervention Control Systems, and Automation Systems. Last but not least, the team building has been fantastic! As a result, we all click as one team, ensuring that Connected. Mining. Works.