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Implats Group – Level 9 partner

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Nerospec OSCON is proud to announce that the Implats Group has selected Nerospec as their Level 9 partner! Our pride extends to the fact that as a leading producer of platinum group metals (PGM’s) the Implats group shares our ‘lead by example’ and ‘pioneering spirit’ ethos.

“Nerospec was an obvious choice as they are at the forefront of #Level 9 Vehicle Intervention Controls since the industry’s first ever, fleet wide, multiple OEM Level 9 project was successfully rolled out by them in 2016. Their proven and agile approach working with any PDS vendor and any OEM, made it a simple decision to standardise Nerospec OSCON for the whole of the Implats group.”

Amos Xheko, Impala – Engineering Manager for Impala Platinum

“We truly look forward to walking this Level 9 Journey with the Implats group, their highly driven passion to implement a successful Level 9 solution has shown us that many in the industry value the safety of their peers and wish to create a safe work environment for all”

Lee BothmaNerospec Group HOD | Sales.

Nerospec OSCON has installed Level 9 technology on a variety of mining machines at Zimplats, Impala 20# & Impala 14#, the decision was made to standardise Nerospec OSCON’s technology across the entire group now. This agreement includes our state-of-the-art Short Interval Management and Control (SIMAC) software, which offers further data analytics around Level 9 performance as well as a broader machine performance overview.

We look forward to working together towards a safer and more productive future for miners, in 2022 and beyond.