You are currently viewing Level 9 Regulations for Diesel Powered TMM’s

Level 9 Regulations for Diesel Powered TMM’s

In a watershed moment for Mining in South Africa, Vehicle Intervention Controls (Level 9) for diesel powered trackless mobile machinery (TMM) have been regulated and signed off by the Minister of Mineral, Resources and Energy in the Government Gazette dated 21st of December 2022, volume 690, number 47790.

As the pioneer since 2015 for Vehicle Intervention Control (VIC) or Proximity Detection Interface (PDI) as it is more commonly known in South Africa, Nerospec OSCON is a proudly South African company that designs and manufacturers locally.

We have worked with most of the major PDS/CWS/CXS vendors as well as 50 different machine OEM’s, with over 180 different machine models and 5000 successful machine installations of our HUB family of loggers and controllers.

Our range of HUB controllers provide a single interface to all models, makes, types and age of both intelligent and non-intelligent machines and offer multiple interface combinations of CAN Bus, analogue and digital signals as standard.

Mines have diverse machine fleets and need to integrate not just the primary load and haul equipment but also light personnel vehicles, chargers, shotcrete sprayers, and other utility vehicles for validation, verification, and oversight of the solution deployed. Nerospec OSCON is ready to leverage off our years of experience to assist the mines with their Level 9 intervention control requirements.