Our unparalleled determination to improve the safety, monitoring, maintenance and productivity of mining machines, is driven by our passion for mining excellency. With over 3000+ successful neroHUB machine OEM installations under our belt, we will continue to apply our years of experience in intervention controls (Level 9), to any machine OEM make,

model, or type to solve a myriad of mining challenges. Our products are agnostic, not tied to a specific OEM or mining environment, thus, providing our customers with the peace of mind of dealing with one company for their entire fleet.


Unlock the benefits of Automation and the key role it plays in a fully connected mine, with the neroHUB universal interface, paired with Nerospec SK’s wide mine-machine product range.


The dual quadrature speed sensor (neroQUAD) was developed out of necessity to detect roll back conditions.


The neroSERVO facilitates a reliable, fail-to-safe method of controlling the accelerator of Mine Machines.


The neroVIEW is designed to complement the Nerospec SK family of products by providing a fit for purpose machine interface to view the parameters, information and data associated with the applications being run on the specific Nerospec product/s it is connected to.


This neroWEAR is designed to monitor Kessler Axel Brake Wear. Developed for the smart vehicle system, it allows you to track Live and Historical Brake Wear, measure SAHR Release and Applied Brake Depth to a Relative Accuracy within 10μm across span.

Hard Working Hardware