Connected Machine Solutions Optimised For Mining

Optimisation forms an integral part of modern business planning at every mine. Where optimisation is the ultimate goal of a connected mine there are a number of simple mining-machine integrations that deliver immediate value.

The elements of a fully optimised mine


Improved operational planning & execution in turn positively impact profitability & safety & when all processes are digitized the feedback loop offers continuous improvement. Digitizing mining operations has a profound impact on improving efficiency.


Increased mine safety relies on several factors including reliable & immediate communication intervention controls & prevention through activity insights. Nerospec OSCON is the market leader in Personnel Detection Interface (PDI), machine controllers & intervention control solutions.


New insights collected from our smart monitoring devices are used to streamline operations, improve planning & reduce downtime.


Smart sensors collect machine data providing fresh machine health information – enabling maintenance work based on real machine condition. The industry first Little Data offering using edge computing technology allows a supervisor to walk up to a machine & inspect up to 5 days of machine diagnostic data in a matter of seconds.


Check machine performance & utilisation directly at shift end, directly at the machine or from the cloud & compare performance. Without the visibility needed to track the machine operator’s production progress, no opportunity exists to make real-time adjustments that would immediately increase production.


Automating equipment in mine operations creates exciting new and lucrative opportunities to improve productivity. Mining machines can operate autonomously, either individually or as part of a wider fleet, thus significantly improving safety practices.



BIGdata refers to the fine scale accumulation of data received from the connected sensor network, such as RPM, Speed, Temperature, Boom Angles and Pressure, to name a few, that are located on the machine.
The rate of data is determined by the sensor sensitivity. All of this data is processed, acted upon, communicated and stored to the on-board memory by the neroHUB.
Once the neroHUB, fitted with a Wi-Fi antenna, enters a location with a Wi-Fi access point connected to the server located on site, the information is automatically downloaded to the server to be visible on the SIMAC, or in situations were a Wi-Fi connection is not possible, to be downloaded via the HUB Control tool onto a laptop/PC or tablet with a large enough storage space allocation.

littleDATA refers to an operational summary of the collected BIGdata and can be collected from the machine in less than 10 seconds. An industry first made possible by onboard edge computing technology. littleDATA can be viewed on any android device or PC. Within the APP the operator or supervisor can break down the display time into various time periods for ease of viewing. It can range from hourly to monthly segments and even predetermined shifts. littleDATA is able to store up to 91 active hour buckets of data. Everything from distance travelled to cylinder head temperature. It will automatically log SBI and PDS interactions and provide a summary of time spent in those states.

SIMAC stands for Short Interval Monitoring And Control. This front end dashboard provides insight into mine Safety, Production, Monitoring, Automation, Operations and Maintenance. Valuable insights include heat maps generating increased man and machine interactions, which assists safety decisions. Other insights include production metrics such as TMM utilisation and graphs comparing machine performance over a shift.

Key Features



An underground mine was losing between 30 and 90 minutes of additional haulage time per shift. The LHD operator with an 8 ton bucket weight capacity, was only filling the bucket with 6 tons of material per trip, resulting in a wasted trip after every 4th trip.


The neroNEWTON Weightometer Smart Solution was introduced and delivered the visibility needed to monitor the LHD operator’s production progress. This created an opportunity to make real-time adjustments that had an immediate and significant increase in production.


The proprietary neroNEWTON smart algorithm used a combination of angular and pressure monitoring to measure the payload weight within the LHD bucket, enabling the operator to maximise each load and increase production by 25% per shift.


Collisions between Trackless Mobile Machines (TMMs) – as well as between pedestrians and TMMs.


Implementing the neroHUB Level 9 Crawl and Stop interface on Trackless Mobile Machines (TMMs). Supported by a Proximity Detection Interface (PDI) and Speed Brake Interlock (SBI) implementation that constantly monitors and maintains speed of a TMM.


Fully supporting CRAWL and STOP or LEVEL 9 as it has come to be known in Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) markets. Preventing any safety incidents such as loss of control or running away on a decline.


An equipment OEM experienced a severe machine breakdown and needed to urgently understand the technical condition under which this happened.


  1. Utilisation of near real-time machine sensor data from continuous machine data capture.
  2. Remote hook-up with Nerospec OSCON analytics team to meet for a video conference to review detailed machine sensor data


With Nerospec OSCON short interval data connection to the machine latest sensor data was already available in the cloud. Less than 3 hours after the breakdown the OEM and Mine accessed detailed machine sensor data from the cloud.

NeroSpec OSCON


Unleash new productivity gains and improve miners health and safety conditions through cutting edge digital technology and unmanned operations. Made possible through industry leading underground wireless communication.